Three Powerful Leadership Lessons From Accenture – Keith J. Johnston

Keith J. Johnston, Guest Commentator: Throughout my career I have had significant exposure to Accenture, one of the world’s largest consulting firms. I spent the first fourteen years of my career working for Andersen Consulting, the firm which ultimately became Accenture. After leaving Andersen I competed against them for several years and recently had the … Continue reading

When Management Doesn’t Want to Lead: Big Shoes For Everyone Else To Fill.

What C-team wouldn’t sometimes just like to stop leading?  Renounce management, titles and all without actually retiring, leaving the company, or taking a voluntary demotion.  All that accountability, liability, and that muddled vision thing could just go out the window:  “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”  The ideas that hit the wall would all be someone else’s fault….In any … Continue reading

UK Tech Tool: Distinguish Counterfeit Textiles From Authentic Goods

A cool new tool could be used to distinguish counterfeit fabrics and confidently bar, confiscate, and destroy fake goods. Long a creative and financial misery for the fashion  industry, counterfeit natural and synthetic textiles may have finally met their ultimate match. But could your textile secrets also be reverse engineered? UK and Russian researchers have developed a … Continue reading