Due Diligence Begins At Home: Know Before You ‘Buy’

Bored with chasing “organic growth”?  Ready for some acquisition action?  Stop right there| What have they been telling you?  Have they told you that most acquisitions fail?  Trust this, really, they do. Why?  Ultimately it’s a failure in knowledge:  not knowing what the acquired company really is, not knowing what the consequences really will be, … Continue reading

Noncompetes As Legal Self-Help Lack Edge

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story of distress, warning that enforcement of noncompetes threatens to discourage entrepreneurship.   The recent obsession with entrepreneurship and the explosion in legal self-help by way of the Internet have certainly resulted in proliferation of inappropriate uses of legal agreements and standard forms.  Given the societal pressures on … Continue reading

UK Tech Tool: Distinguish Counterfeit Textiles From Authentic Goods

A cool new tool could be used to distinguish counterfeit fabrics and confidently bar, confiscate, and destroy fake goods. Long a creative and financial misery for the fashion  industry, counterfeit natural and synthetic textiles may have finally met their ultimate match. But could your textile secrets also be reverse engineered? UK and Russian researchers have developed a … Continue reading

Dotcom.Bust.2.0: Is London’s Tech Boom Due For Bust?

From tulips to dotcoms:   Booms always crash.   We should have learned by now that when people predict growth forever and believe the boom is really real, the danger of the crash is highest. The perennial problem, since Isaac Newton lost his fortune in the South Sea bubble, has been how to spot the danger of … Continue reading

Retailers & Manufacturers Beware Customer Exposure Fatigue…and the Lures of the Data Mafia

How would you really react if on entering an unfamiliar store while on vacation, you were simultaneously accosted with coupons for the sunscreen, jet lag remedy, and black truffle paste you researched online yesterday after lunch booked by Open Table at an obscure café half a continent away, while models in a visual display of … Continue reading