Photographs Highly Effective In Creating Perception Of Truth: Protect your trademarks and goodwill.

Just as the media had perhaps begun to persuade you to go easy on visual  comparisons, critiques, and parodies of your trademarks, products, and people, now come scientists to suggest that those colorful photographs alongside the claims may very well persuade viewers that the claims are true, regardless of not only truth, but apparently reason and common sense.  In other words, those unflattering photos may genuinely and effectively defame your trademarks, products, or people.   Those colorful images may make the defamatory concept resonate as true however unbelievable the words.

How is a picture worth a thousand words?  It’s a mystery.  It’s “feelings”.  In an interview, the lead author, Eryn Newman of Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, observed, “Decorative photos grab people’s attention…Our research suggests that these photos might have unintended consequences, leading people to accept information because of their feelings rather than the facts.”

Eryn J. Newman, Maryanne Garry, Daniel M. Bernstein, Justin Kantner, D. Stephen Lindsay. Nonprobative photographs (or words) inflate truthiness. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 2012; DOI: 10.3758/s13423-012-0292-0

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