Good Risk News: Radical Solar Advance, Stable Grid Parameters

Now For Something Really Different Under The Sun

What is termed the first radically new solar energy technology in 70 years has been devised using a gold nanorod array, titanium dioxide and platinum cap, and cobalt catalyst by researchers at U.C. Santa Barbara.   They report that the plasmonic device they have invented is operationally stable and could potentially utilize  photons across the entire solar spectrum, not just the UV spectrum, all without external wiring of the nanorod array.

University of California – Santa Barbara (2013, February 24). “Scientists develop a whole new way of harvesting energy from the sun.”

Restabilizing The Grid, Spontaneously
Researchers at Northwestern, Stanford, and Los Alamos believe that they have derived parameters for power generation units necessary for spontaneous synchronization of the grid following disturbances. They believe that the parameters could be the basis for new control schemes for protection and maintenance of a reliable grid and even the long-range goal of a self-healing smart grid.
Northwestern University – 1-Mar-2013 – “Improved synchronicity:  Preventive care for the power grid. New guidelines could help improve power grid reliability and reduce electricity cost.”


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