Good Risk News: Nuclear Waste

Notre Dame:  Announces New Method for Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste

Press Release:  “Notre Dame Thorium Borate-1 (NDTB-1) as a crystalline compound that can be tailored to safely absorb radioactive ions from nuclear waste streams. Once captured, the radioactive ions can then be exchanged for higher-charged species of a similar size, recycling the material for re-use.  If one considers that the radionuclide technetium (99Tc) is present in the nuclear waste at most storage sites around the world, the math becomes simple. There are more than 436 nuclear power plants operating in 30 countries; that is a lot of nuclear waste. In fact, approximately 305 metric tons of 99Tc were generated from nuclear reactors and weapons testing from 1943 through 2010. Its safe storage has been an issue for decades….”

Universidad politécnica de Madrid:  New Clean Nuclear Fusion Reactor Patented

José Luis González Díez, Professor at the Higher Technical School of Naval Engineering has patented a nuclear fusion reactor by inertial confinement for electric power plants and ships.,

EFDA:  Bringing fusion electricity to the grid

Press Release:  “The European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) has published a roadmap which outlines how to supply fusion electricity to the grid by 2050. The roadmap to the realisation of fusion energy breaks the quest for fusion energy down into eight missions. For each mission, it reviews the current status of research, identifies open issues, proposes a research and development programme and estimates the required resources. It points out the needs to intensify industrial involvement and to seek all opportunities for collaboration outside Europe….So far, fusion scientists have succeeded in generating fusion power, but the required energy input was greater than the output. The international experiment ITER, which starts operating in 2020, will be the first device to produce a net surplus of fusion power,  namely 500 megawatts from a 50 megawatt input.”


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