UK Tech Tool: Distinguish Counterfeit Textiles From Authentic Goods

A cool new tool could be used to distinguish counterfeit fabrics and confidently bar, confiscate, and destroy fake goods. Long a creative and financial misery for the fashion  industry, counterfeit natural and synthetic textiles may have finally met their ultimate match. But could your textile secrets also be reverse engineered? UK and Russian researchers have developed a means of attributing characteristic spectroscopic signatures to individual textile samples to distinguish between grades and  compositions of fabrics, including silks, synthetics, cottons, and wools.   Blends and inferior textiles artificially treated to seem higher quality than they are would quickly stand out.   By indexing the signatures of known genuine materials and authentic goods, the researchers believe they could screen out fake or counterfeit goods as non-matches. Could this mark a revolution in the fight to stem the tide of counterfeit brand name and designer goods, as well as a competitive advance for the textile and other industries?

Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy for textile identification

Naftaly, M, Molloy J.F., Lanskii G.V., Kokh K.A., and Andreev,Yu.M.,
Applied Optics, Vol. 52, Issue 19, pp. 4433-4437 (2013)