About My Perspective

I help leaders grow right and leave risk left. Together we assess what these leaders need to know in order to grow their enterprise.

Whether confronting crisis or developing strategy, clients have come to me with complex situational problems and ongoing strategic needs. In addition to the facts and analyses they themselves can provide, they need refined research and analysis from a new, objective perspective. I help clients consider all sides of each problem in order to derive clear choices among best solutions and fast decisions:

  • Converting what I have seen in functional risk and strategy, I help these leaders identify what they need to know, sort through options, and move forward towards solid growth.
  • Together we make their teams independently responsible, reliable and really useful.
  • We look back at history and through the present circumstances to forecast and prevent crises, mitigate and resolve active crises, and ensure healthy growth to the right of risk.
  • Where the enterprise is experiencing set backs, together we encourage rebound by breaking the repetitive crisis cycle.

I partner with my clients to ask the “impertinent” questions necessary for clarity of vision.

With experience in deal origination, business model construction and reconstruction, due diligence, and operational guidance, Caroline identifies enterprise opportunity and risk. She has worked with venture capital and private equity firms based in Texas, New York, and London, with incubators, and with numerous new ventures. Her experience includes competitive market analysis, intellectual property strategy, and political assessment. On the basis of her own past board leadership and clients’ experiences, Caroline guides strategy, governance and problem solving.

Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who Among American Women.
District of Columbia Bar – Active; College, State Bar of Texas; State Bar of Texas – Nonresident Inactive
Barnard College, Columbia University (AB)
Southern Methodist University School of Law (JD)

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