Clean Synergy® Energy – Quick Notes

Oval Coils Of Silicon Nanowire May Permit Electronics To Really Stretch, Bend and Twist In The Future

Artificial leaf: Solar-to-fuel roadmap developed for crystalline silicon:

Light from silicon nanocrystal LEDs: Scientists develop multicolor LEDs without heavy metals:

Carbon nanotubes safe despite the asbestos-like reactivity and pathogenicity?

Multi-junction solar cell to break efficiency barrier?:

Graphene: A material that multiplies the power of light

Routes towards defect-free graphene:

New nanotech fiber: Robust handling, powerful performance:

Groundbreaking air-cleaner saves polluting industrials

Green Globes Certification Taking Business From LEED

BBC News – Plastic bulb development promises better quality light

Shocked Solar Firms- US Commerce Dept exacts retroactive tariffs of up to 250% –  via @WSJ

New York to London in an hour by air? New transport being tested.

Lot of Equipment and Work for 180 kw / 30 homes: Energy Takes a Turn Underwater

NREL Survey of Renewable Potential Per State, By Renewable Category. …

Skanska Claims Cool Way to Cool Scorching-Hot Aisles of Computer Rooms –  via @WSJ

Previous models incorrect: Transfer of radioactive compounds is not straightforward: Tiina Tuovinen finds “transfer of the radioactive compounds is non-linear. In addition, the levels of these compounds appear to be three times higher in fish-eating species (piscivores) than in non-fish-eating.” species.

Maglev trains to connect Baltimore with N.Y. in less than 45 minutes?

Your Green Building May Make You Sick, Very Sick. Remember the Deaths From Legionnaires’ Disease?