Clean Synergy ® Environment – Quick Notes

Artificial leaf: Solar-to-fuel roadmap developed for crystalline silicon:

Researchers find arsenic contaminated groundwater naturally not through water pumping

Slight Understatement: Olivine ‘rock dissolving’ method of geoengineering to mitigate climate change would not be easy:

Carbon nanotubes safe despite the asbestos-like reactivity and pathogenicity?

Activated Carbon Cloth Can Remove Pharmaceuticals From Sewage and Water Supply And Toxins From Air. DOI: 10.2166/wst.2010.091

Gas that triggers ozone destruction found: more ozone there is, more ozone destroyed; faster in warm waters, tropics.

Beijing air pollution soars well above hazard level

L.A. drivers confess- they wouldn’t have bought high cost, low power EV’s if their LAX parking had not been free. And now it’s not.…

Groundbreaking air-cleaner saves polluting industrials

Superbug MRSA identified in US wastewater treatment plants

Green Globes Certification Taking Business From LEED

It’s not the fracking liquids, it’s the Paleozoic brines-and barium and radium-in the Marcellus.

Unintended consequences: cool pavements, warm buildings, rising electricity bills

NOAA, NASA: Antarctic ozone hole second smallest in 20 years:

Opposite behaviors? Arctic sea ice shrinks, Antarctic grows:

BBC News – Biogas plant implicated in mystery of blue honey produced by French bees.

Uranium-contaminated site yields wealth of information on microbes 10 feet under:

Cancer research yields unexpected new way to produce nylon:

Air Cooling Technology Transforming Power Industry – Plants Less  Thirsty –

Study outlines supply chain challenges for lithium:

Arizona’s Sun Corridor: White roofs can combat urban heat islands, but not without impact on regional hydroclimate:

Biofuel waste product recycled for electricity

EPA: Benzene in California groundwater occurs infrequently and is mainly from natural sources, study finds

Where More Is Less: The Battle Between Wind and Water in the Pacific Northwest

Large methane reservoirs beneath Antarctic ice sheet, study suggests:

50-year decline found in some Los Angeles vehicle-related pollutants-by 98%:

Cheaper and cleaner catalyst burns methane 30 times better at lower temperatures:

Naturally occurring quasicrystals of extra-terrestrial origin found in eastern Russia

Fraunhofer: chemical-free process to recover salts from wastewater/sewage and convert directly into organic fertilizer:

Diseased trees significant source of methane, gas implicated in climate change:

Danish research: “Greenland Ice Sheet was on as a dramatic diet at the end of the 80’s as it is today.

Aerial photos reveal dynamic Greenland ice sheet: Ice sheet has recently retreated then restabilized:

Atmospheric CO2 drove climate change during longest interglacial: shows future air and sea temps will be unpredictable.

Previous models incorrect: Transfer of radioactive compounds is not straightforward:

Dirty but essential — that’s coal. Slashing US use would not touch global use or GHG LA Times,0,3827413.story

Is Pulling CO2 from air vital? Expense should diminish as barrier, Columbia U scientist-investors say.

Locating gold and other minerals: New method uncovers half-million ton mineral deposit in rough mountain terrain

Scientists connect gypsum and sulfate seawater chemistry with ancient climate change and evolution

CFL Bulbs Dangerous To Skin: UV Exposure, Phosphor. Want To Rethink Incandescent Ban???

Russia Paying For Environmentalist Protests Against Euro Shale Gas to Protect Russian Gas Sales

EPA estimates 140 million Renewable Identification Numbers Are Fraudulent or Invalid But EPA Only Nails Victims via@WSJ

“The Energy and Commerce Committee is continuing its investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency’s management of fraud in the production and trade of Renewable Identification Numbers, which serve as renewable fuel credits under EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard regulations. Since November 2011, the agency has identified over 140 million invalid or fraudulently created RINs.”

Frog calls inspire a new algorithm for wireless networks

Maglev trains to connect Baltimore with N.Y. in less than 45 minutes?

Unique properties of graphene lead to a new paradigm for low-power telecommunications:

Greenland ice may exaggerate magnitude of 13,000-year-old deep freeze:

New worm attacks AutoCad, steals blueprints, sends them to China… | VentureBeat:

Ancient warming greened Antarctica, study finds:

Warm climate — cold Arctic? New learning:

Environmental benefit of biofuels is overestimated, new study reveals:

Solar desalination system for arid land agriculture:

New chemical wave model for horizontal variations in geological strata-implications for natural resources:

Chemical exposure ‘pre-programs’ descendants’ future sensitivity to stress; implicated in problems from autism to PTSD:

Will Metal-Organic Frameworks Save Earth–Or At Least Clean Coal?

Use of public and private dollars for scaling up clean energy needs a reality check, say scholars:

Salinity gradient providing power in Norway-Rivers flowing into the sea offer vast potential as electricity source:

Metal oxides hold the key to cheap, green energy: Binghamton University- Louis Piper:

New Climate Change Predictions: Some Corals Like It Hot

And some corals like it acidic:

CO2 stored in oceans during Ice Age:

Evidence from Mexico supports Kennett meteorite theory of past global cooling: meteorite swarm 12,900 years ago-

Childhood asthma hot spots: it’s not the coal (or the cats); it’s the trucks and heating oil.

Wait, wait, don’t tell me– Algae, no. Is seaweed the future of biofuel?

Development of low-C technologies requires so much energy that they may not lessen global warming for many decades:

Shot of plasma reduces harmful bacteria on raw chicken and other foods without cooking

Was the Little Ice Age triggered by massive volcanic eruptions?

EIA Sees Less Gas Than Thought in Marcellus:

Computer simulations reveal how gas hydrates could be an easy source of fuel and carbon storage:

BP to Exit Solar Business After 4 Decades on:

Scientists find evidence of ancient megadrought in southwestern U.S.:

John Doerr, L. Gordon Crovitz: Ask first why US schools can’t educate US born US citizens in engineering and science:

American Superconductor’s proprietary software stolen and sold to Sinova for $1Million by Serbian employee in Austria.

Deathknell of Ethanol?   “Ethanol and the bacteria accelerate rate of fatigue crack growth in pipelines,”  NIST,CO Sch Mines, funding US DOT

Atmosphere releases much more energy to space than climate models say. Discrep betwdata & models esp big over oceans.

German scientists identify carcinogens generated by compact fluorescent light bulbs in addition to mercury concerns.

PEARCE: Gov. Jerry Brown, oil baron – family legacy and Little-known foreign oil holdings might taint decisions.” target=”_blank”

Molybdenite Might Displace Silicon And Graphene For Next-Generation Nanoelectronic Devices.

Post-natal Diagnostic X-Rays Increase Risk of Acute Lymphoid Leukemia In Children:

Graphene In The Real World May Not Be So Great In Electronics. New Report From UMD Researchers.

Greens want you to eat mealworms not beef.  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0014445

US does not have infrastructure to consume more ethanol

Changing Winter:  Superhydrophobic Nanomaterials Can Repel Water So That Ice Never Forms.
Down to -25 to -30 °C. ( Ice At Colder Temps Can Be Removed Easily.)

No, On Second Thought, Do Eat Butter-Harvard Says Fatty Acid In Dairy Lowers Type 2 Diabetes. Who Knew?

Nano Lead Compounds Found to Reverse Conventional Structural Phase Transitions on Warming and Cooling

Your Green Building May Make You Sick, Very Sick. Remember the Deaths From Legionnaires’ Disease?

First Ever Probe Measures Harmful Fine Particulates In Wood Stove Flue Gases, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Remember Dutch Elm Disease? Wouldn’t Look Good To Have One’s Biomass Fuel Wiped Out By A New Virus. DOI: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2010.07.008

Process Uses Pd Catalyst and Sunlight To Convert Waste Oilfield Methane Into Ethane and Liquid Fuel.